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Considering CommentSold alternatives? Apptile provides much more customisations at a much lesser price!

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Boost Your Conversions with Apptile-Built Apps

Create a Unique Brand Identity

Stand out with Apptile's intuitive branding tools, ensuring a memorable shopping experience.

Flat Pricing with No Surprises

Manage your budget with Apptile’s transparent flat pricing, avoiding hidden fees common with CommentSold.

Live selling

Start multi-streaming live on your Mobile app and Facebook page to offer a seamless buying experience to your customers.

What more do we provide you

Unlimited design customisation
iOS and Android Apps
Real-time sync with Shopify
Deep Linking
App-only discounts
App performance
One-click integrations
24/7 support
Branding & design
Tiles catalog
Pages customisation (Home, Search, Menu, Account, Login, PLP, PDP)
Cart Page Builder
Multiple PDP templates
Native blog experience
Custom fonts & icons
Marketing & Growth
Rich media push notifications
Automated notifications
User-segmented push notifications

How Apptile is helping Global Enterprises

Harney & Sons Launches New App, Boosts Conversion by 300%

The new H&S app was customised on Apptile platform by a dedicated team including design, product, engineering and marketing. Apptile also managed the app launch— seamlessly migrating existing customers to the new app.


Sweet Freedom launches mobile app (it was surprisingly low-effort)

“So far so good. Really easy to set up and the team have been brilliant supporting a few little issues (more user error!!) they have also supported getting us live on the relevant store platforms.”


Luxury shoemaker Goodwin Smith goes mobile in just 5 days

A dedicated team of experts designed and launched Goodwin Smith's mobile app in just five days. Apptile platform allows for quick creation of custom themes to launch an on-brand app.


Purrfect app, purrfect price: Pet Republic switches to Apptile

“Superb Team ! Having your own apps never been so easy.Within just two short weeks, they had my app up and running smoothly. The process was incredibly easy, as the team handled most of the work.Apptile is easy to use.”


Upgrade Your App Experience In Just 10 Days

Choose the right plan and get started on Apptile

Design review and launch planning call

Testing on iOS and Android

App submission in Play store and App Store

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How global brands are fulfilling their potential with Apptile

“The Apptile team is amazing to work with. They have professionals in every area, from development to customer support: all our questions were answered promptly and extensively.”


“Great service all around. The product and development team have been great at accommodating requests and making performance improvements. When we look at where we started and at the final result, is it very impressive.”


“It's been great working with the team at Apptile to launch a sophisticated app that reflects not our fantastic product offerings, but also the rich content that we want to share with our customers to help nuture their passion for our products.”

Harney & Sons Fine Teas

“I was searching for a mobile development tool, which can create Android and IOS app for last couple of months. My search ended here at Apptile.”


“So far so good. Really easy to set up and the team have been brilliant supporting a few little issues (more user error!!) they have also supported getting us live on the relevant store platforms.Thank you”

Sweet Freedom

The team at Apptile has been amazing to work with. I was completely new to this whole process. I reached out to them and they have been incredibly responsive from the beginning of our project.